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The perils of fizzy drinks

Submitted by roxxette on Tue, 2014-10-14 01:34
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Fizzy drinks like coke, fanta and assorted "diet" drinks are sweet to take. They also come with certain perils - some of which appear many years sown the line.

  • Did you know that saccharin (which makes up the sweetness of most of these drinks) is around 200 times sweeter than natural sugar?
  • Tests have shown that saccharin might be carcinogenic or cancer causing. In an experiment, it caused bladder tumours in rats. However more recent researches have disproved this as not having the same effect in humans. BUT who knew!
  • Scientistist have since ​confirmed that saccharin does not pose a health risk to humans. You all can rest easy.
  • However research has shown that carbonated drinks can cause both dental erosion and tooth decay. Tooth erosion involves the loss of hard tissue from the tooth's surface through a chemical reaction with acids - many of which are found in carbonated fruit drinks. If untreated, it can cause sensitivity, enamel fracture and pain.
  • With some fizzy drinks containing the equivalent of 21 cubes of sugar, they are an excellent recipe for tooth decay.
  • Each time we consume sugar, our teeth is under 'acid attack' for up to one hour after drinking. 


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