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Oliver Twist - 360 Degree Knowledge Check

Oliver Twist is a popular classic story by Charles Dickens. It portrays the harsh realities of an early day impoverished England. He uses child labour and blatant human right abuses to tell the story of the criminal underbelly of old England.

Its is widely believed that the story may have been influenced, in parts, by Charles Dickens' personal experiences. He saw his father imprisoned for debt and had to work for a living from the age of 12.

Charles Dickens Fact Check

Dickens was born in 1812. His father,John Dickens, was a clerk at the Navy Pay Office. As a result of his extravagant lifestyle, John Dickens fell into debt and was imprisoned for it in 1824. Young Charles Dickens had to leave school and work to help in the family at 12 year-old. It is believed this difficult period of his life inspired several of the scenes in his books like Oliver Twist.

Charles Dickens wrote 15 major novels and lots of short stories and articles. He died in 1870 and was buried at Westminster Abbey, Poet's Corner.

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